Strong Images in Meditation


Sometimes during meditation, if there is any sleepiness in me, I start to see many strange images of which my mind doesn’t even have the capacity to think about. These images are sometimes so strong that I could feel myself seeing them as if my eyes are wide open and they are right in front of me.They are ordinary worldly images but of things I never think about. Could you help me as to why is it happening and if at all is it positive?

—Archit, India


Dear Archit,

It is often difficult to attach a particular meaning to images received in meditation. Sometimes they are superconscious and significant, whereas other times they are from the subconscious, and insignificant.

One way to differentiate the two is that a superconscious experience is transformative; it changes you in some way. Subconscious experiences sometimes have a strong quality to them, but they are not transformative; they are here, then gone. What is true in your case? You will have to answer that.

All in all, it is probably not worthwhile to pay attention to those images for now. I suggest that you pray strongly to God, asking, “If you are trying to tell me something, please make it clearer. I will follow your guidance.”