Are Subconscious Emotions Heightened in Meditation?


Is there amplification of emotions from the subconscious during the practice of meditation and outburst of repressed feelings?

—Rehan, India


Thank you Rehan for your inquiry.

This can occur but is not the norm.

As the energy rises in the deep spine in meditation, it is possible that some of this energy will express through our emotions. Meditation is a process of inner clearing and purification. Such sensations can be transcended by:

1) Taking the time to relax the body before meditation practice

2) Practicing preliminary pranayama to balance inner energies

3) focusing at the spiritual eye during meditation practice

4) directing one’s energy upwards

5) sitting still after the practice of meditation techniques

In fact, transcendence should be the goal. Meditation should leave us feeling calm, relaxed, and with an expanded sense of self.

Joy to you, Nayaswami Maria