Synchronicity When Coming onto the Path


A person starts experiencing synchronicity in events happening in life as soon as he/she takes the path to soul’s freedom. Does our mind make it happen?

—Girish Kumar, India


Dear Girish Kumar,

It’s true that synchronicity—sometimes pleasant, sometimes not—seems to happen more when one comes on the path. It can have any of a number of causes. For example, there is a shift in our consciousness that results from coming onto the path. As a result, we often notice things that we might not have noticed before, and we therefore think that the “amount” of synchronicity in our lives has increased. Also, such a shift can align us with influences that we might not previously have been “in sync” with, so now they come into play. Or, we might encounter resistance from parts of our consciousness that oppose our being on the path; they might have lain dormant until we came onto the path, and now they have been awakened. Or, it can be due to God’s grace, as He sees that we are now ready to face difficulties—or take advantage of opportunities—that have been karmically “waiting” for us.

All of these factors, plus deliberate efforts we might make with the mind, and the often-mysterious factor of karma, help bring about the events that we experience. We cannot always see the forces at work, but nothing is accidental.

Nayaswami Gyandev