The Meaning of a Dream


Namaskar. One person in saffron dress came and sat in a chair given few coins to other person. During the whole dream I am standing and watching them in my dream.

—k.v.subbareddy, India


Dear K.V. Subbareddy,

Some dreams can have a personal meaning and some not. It depends on whether the dream comes from the subconscious mind, or from the superconscious mind.

An indication of a superconscious dream is that, when you wake up, you feel joy and upliftment.

If you feel that the dream has a significance, you can take time, first to meditate, then at the end of your meditation, to hold the dream up and try to feel whether there is any message for you.

If you want to learn more about dream, you can read the book: The Meaning of Dreaming

The deeper teachings of yoga on why we dream as explained by Paramhansa Yogananda, by Savitri Simpson.


Nayaswami Diksha