The spiritual eye


1. How do I know that I am looking (or concentrating) at spiritual eye (the centre between two eyebrows)? I may be looking above or below.

2. During meditation (rather concentration), I get some sensations at/around the spot at spiritual eye, is this normal? Or I am concentrating in a wrong way?

—Anil Raikwar, India


Dear Anil,

You asked two questions about the spiritual eye. First, how do you know if you’re looking at the right spot for the spiritual eye: We ask people to lift the eyes slightly to help lift the consciousness. Practice of the Hong-Sau technique of concentration, which you can learn on the Meditation Support section of this website, will help direct your mind toward the spiritual eye. We suggest that you concentrate first on the breath, and watching the breath as you are taught through the Hong-Sau technique will naturally draw your mind to the spiritual eye.

The more deeply you are able to concentrate on the breath, and interiorize your awareness, you will begin to sense the spiritual eye.

So, this brings us to your second question, which is that you are beginning to sense the spiritual eye. This is what should be happening, and is a sign that you are concentrating as you should be.

May your practice of meditation be blessed,

Nayaswami Anandi