Tips for One-Day Fasting


Dear Swami,

I am reading The Path ("het Pad" in Dutch) by swami Kriyananda. In the Path Kriyananda mentions fasting. This idea appeals to me, to follow his example by fasting one day a week. However since I have difficulties with balancing foods and drinks, i would like to receive some advice including do’s an don'ts. Can you help me please? Kind regards Rob Redeker

—Rob Redeker, The Netherlands


Dear Rob,

I am glad that you are inspired by Swami Kriyananda’s book, The New Path.

Fasting is a good way to clean the body. Yet, it is important to be cautious, as fasting is not for everyone. You need to be in good health to try it. To begin with, one day a month is a good start. Gradually, increase it to twice a month, and then to once a week.

I suggest that you choose a day when you are not working and can be at home and rest while fasting. The night before, eat a light dinner and go to bed early (before 10 pm), so you can have a good night sleep.

Fasting on water can be challenging to begin with, so you can start with adding some apple juice.

You can buy organic apple juice, or juice 5 organic apples in the morning of your fasting.

Mix ½ cup apple juice with ½ cup warm water, and drink it. Continue to drink mixed juice and water every 3-4 hours. In between, drink lots of warm water.

If you feel dizzy or weak during the day, take a tablespoon of honey, and rest.

During the day of fasting, avoid any strenuous activity, or over-stimulating the senses. Do only light exercise, such as walking, and practice yoga. Read a spiritual book, meditate and rest.

When you fast, the body is releasing toxins, which can cause you to experience weakness and fatigue.

The next day, after fasting, eat three healthy meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and avoid any sweets in between. This will be a good way to complete the fast.

Wishing you a good experience with fasting.

Nayaswami Diksha