Transcending Our Attachments


I am in love with someone who is experiencing enlightment. I think it's beautiful but we are no longer in a relationship but we see each other sometimes and the feelings are still there. I am experiencing such great love for him but struggle a little for we are not together. I know that this is a sign of attachment and that's why I'm struggling. At this moment he says he can't commit to anyone because of what he's experiencing. I keep reading about detachment as I know thats best but I still struggle. What to do?

—Mary, USA


Dear Mary,

Your question regarding how to transcend attachment is an important one for anyone sincerely seeking truth. You have two choices. One is to contract and suffer as your ego laments the perceived loss of a love relationship. The other is to expand and let go of him in loving faith.

Knowing you have either of these two choices is helpful. There is no middle road though your ego may try to forge one. Once you make up your mind to let him go, stick to your decision. Offer your heart’s feeling for him to the spiritual eye and ask Divine Mother to purify your love for him. Use visualizations seeing him in bliss and soul freedom and shower him with your heartfelt blessings. Your happiness for him will help you to attune to the expansive consciousness he is experiencing and thus you will be that much more enlightened as well.

God bless you,