Transmute Fear into Wisdom and Courage



I have been meditating for 1 month. Sometimes I meditate between the brows and sometimes on the chest center. When I meditate on the chest center, my body gets heated up quickly and a certain kind of fear gripes me. This completely freaks me out. And then I break my meditation. Please guide me as to at which point I should meditate. And why this fear happens.


—Amlan Mohapatra, India


Dear Amlan,

Congratulations on beginning your practice of meditation. You mention you are either focusing on the heart chakra or the spiritual eye during your practice and that you are experiencing fearful feelings when concentrating on the heart chakra. The fear can be transmuted with regular, sincere practice of meditation and the grace of a true guru like Paramhansa Yogananda or any of the other masters of Self-realization.

I suggest you begin your meditation with devotional chants and offer the love of your heart to God at the spiritual eye and maintain your concentration there. Ask for God’s power to transmute all fear into wisdom and courage.

For the best results, I suggest you take a how to meditate class online with Ananda or even better would be in person at an Ananda center near you.

You have a wonderful opportunity to overcome fear through true spiritual teachings and meditation. May you grow ever more free and joyful as you practice the God given teachings of Self realization.

In Divine Friendship,