Trouble Meditating Regularly


Hi my name is Aaditya,I am on this path(I can only say that) for the last five years almost, but I do not feel know....steadiness in my spiritual ways...I still am not able to meditate regularly and when I try I am mostly concentrating on material tensions and since I am a piscean I dream a lot... I do not know what to do...after so many years I am still not able to take initiation into Kriya(since I do not fulfill the obligations of regular meditations) please help me......

—Aaditya, India


Dear Aaditya,

Thank you for your question — regularity in meditation is something that many of us seek. It sounds like you’ve been trying for a long time. It’s important not to be too hard on yourself — find ways to encourage yourself!

Perhaps one thing that might help you is satsang: spending with fellow spiritual seekers. Meditating and serving with others can be very helpful in strengthening one’s personal routine — especially if you are wanting to work towards kriya yoga initiation.

Do you live near one of our centers in India (click for details)?

Also, consider visiting Ananda’s new Virtual Community. There are nearly 300 members already from around the world. In addition to conversations and audios and videos, live events are scheduled regularly, even daily. It’s a great way to connect with spiritual friends from wherever you are.

Finally, you might help on the “Free Meditation Support” section of our website, perhaps even this article, “Signs of Spiritual Progress“, by Swami Kriyananda.

Remember, for every step you take towards God, he takes ten towards you! We are praying for you, Aaditya.