The true power of the yogic techniques, including Kriya Yoga and Kechari Mudra


Why so much stress is given on padmasana and khechari mudra? How padmasana help us spiritually except giving fixed posture? And is talabhya kriya enough to accomplish full khechari mudra, or there are some other techniques also? I also wanna know that is it safe to practise kriya yoga without any guru? I tried to find a guru but after failing i started practising myself. Thanks.

—Kulwant , India


Dear Kulwant,

In addition to assuring fixed posture, Padmasana puts both hands and both feet in an upturned position. The soles of the feet and the palms of the hands are among the body’s best life-force receivers, so this position of the body provides unique benefits — provided there is no discomfort.

Khechari Mudra is given much emphasis because it is a powerful technique for sending energy directly from the medulla oblongata to the spiritual eye, thereby avoiding having energy go down the spine and out to the periphery of the body. Talabhaya Kriya is one excellent technique for working toward Khechari. Another is simply to reach the tip of the tongue as far back on the roof of the mouth as possible, and hold it there.

As for practicing Kriya Yoga without a guru, there are various techniques that have the name Kriya Yoga, and I do not know which of those you are practicing. Therefore I cannot comment on the safety of what you are doing. If you are doing any of the Kriya Yoga techniques with which I am familiar, you would not be endangering yourself. However, the real power of any technique is awakened only when you tune in to the guru’s consciousness.

In any case, do your sadhana with deep sincerity and devotion. God will send you to your guru when the time is right, and your guru will show you what is best for you to practice.