Trying to be regular with Kriya, and dealing with stressful situations


Dear Dave,

I am a kriyaban for past one year and am trying to be regular with my practise.

I feel sometimes i get carried away and loose my temper and I dont like it.

My job is like crises management and everyday there are lots of problems on my table.

I can deal well sometimes but at times I lose my patience.

can you suggest ways to Improve my Impulsiveness.

—manjeri, india


It can take time to get good habits strongly established, so keep working at it. Consistency is more important than length of time, in getting the habit established once and for all. So keep doing a morning and evening meditation even if they are short. Don’t think you have to do a full hour of meditation, or not do it at all.

Dealing with stressful situations will of course be helped by doing Kriya regularly, and even more importantly having time after Kriya to sit in the stillness and joy that often comes after Kriya. If you can take very short breaks during the day, even 1-5 minutes, to do some deep breathing, a few Kriyas, and pray to God and Gurus, you would find that extremely helfpul for dealing with temper and stress.

And be patient. Kriya will change you over time. I’ve seen miraculous transformations in my own life, and in many others, through consistent practice of Kriya over the years.