Turn Human Love into Divine Love


What are some helpful techniques for letting go of a strong emotional attachment for a particular person? I know, intellectually, that I am complete in myself; that I belong to know one and no one belongs to me. But I've not realized that truth. I'm compelled to interact with this person almost daily. It's unavoidable. But It is, potentially, a divine friendship because I automatically want to share the love I feel for this person with everyone. How can I let go and love without attachment?

—yogi, United States


Dear Yogi,

It’s probably true to say all of us on the planet feel attachment to at least one other soul until we are Self Realized. Thus, you are not alone!

Rather than focusing on your attachment, I suggest you focus on spiritualizing the relationship.

A very helpful guide is Paramhansa Yogananda’s Spiritual Relationships – Volume 3 in the Wisdom of Yogananda series which you can purchase from Crystal Clarity.

It’s vitally important you meditate daily and especially practice the techniques of Kriya Yoga if you are a devotee of this path. If you aren’t familiar with Kriya, you may read about the benefits of Kriya in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and in Swami Kriyananda’s book The New Path, also available through Crystal Clarity.

Celebrate with God your friendship and love for this soul and offer the love you feel to God to be purified and Divinely guided each night before falling asleep.

In Divine Friendship,