Two Ways to Regain Control of Your Life


I am a student pursuing engineering degree. But, I always fail in executing plan. Every time I plan to do better but, I fail every time because of my absent mindedness please tell me how do I overcome this and do my best. Even I forgot to take medicine which is very essential for me.

—Darshan koundinya , India


Dear Darshan,

Since you are an engineering student, you are clearly a very capable person. However, it seems that you are not taking charge of your life. I suggest that this difficulty might have been brought on by one of two things:

  • You have way too much on your mind and need to lighten your load—either in actuality by getting rid of something, or in perception by beginning to meditate, become more efficient, and clear the mental debris.
  • There is something rather large in yourself or your life that you do not wish—or do not think you have the time or ability—to attend to. This can develop in you a tendency not to attend to other things as well (your medicine, for example). It only gets worse if you let it continue.

I suggest that you look into one or both of those options. You cannot afford to let this continue.

Meanwhile, as you are an engineering student, you have plenty of tech available to you. Therefore, while you try to sort things out, I suggest you start using a calendar app that will remind you, at the very least when it’s time to take your medicine, but for other things as well. It’s a step toward taking charge of your life. Any step you take in that direction will be helpful.