My niece recently passed away tragically in a car roll over. She was only 22 months old. My mother was the driver, she fell asleep behind be wheel. Everyone else in the car survived except her. It breaks our heart because she was just a baby. My heart breaks everyday for my brother and his partner. I just can’t understand why her precious little life was taken from her so young and suddenly. Was this her path? or was it cut short? And would she make it on the other side being so young? :(

—Katherine, Australia


Dear Katherine,

Death of someone so young is hard to understand and difficult to endure without the spiritual path. Your heart hurts and all you can do is pray for your brother and his partner. For the child, the situation is very different. Based on the teachings of Sanatan Dharma, what happened to her, was the karma destined for her. It was not a mistake. She experienced what she needed to in her 22 month incarnation and moved on to another plane of existence. Everything that happens to us is for our upliftment and is a blessing from God. Karma is exact. Our path is to say “yes” and move forward loving God. For your niece, she is a soul and as a soul she has no age. She is ready for her life on the other side and will do perfectly well. You can always pray for her, but know the God is taking care of her and all of your family.

God Bless,