Unpleasant kundalini experience in meditation?


I’ve read on the internet, about symptoms to meditate, but I would like to hear from you if what I feel, is the kundalini syndrome. Every time I relax in the meditation process, I feel a certain tension that rises up the spine and focuses in my brain, this one pulsate strongly, it is as if the energy wished to get out from my head, I try not to focus on those symptoms, but I can not, sometimes I do not meditate for a long time, because I feel discomfort.

Thank You.

Luiz Olavo

—Luiz Olavo, Brazil


Dear Luiz,

What you describe is very likely related to kundalini movements. Although in general the rising of kundalini should be intensely pleasurable, sometimes there are energy obstructions in the spine. When more energy tries to move through the spine than those obstructions will permit, tension and discomfort can result.

I do not know what meditation technique you are practicing, so I cannot comment on your practice. However, you are doing the right thing in shortening your sessions for now. And during your meditations, be sure not to overemphasize your willpower; rather, try to feel that you are meditating with God, in His/Her divine flow. Relax into that upward flow, and cooperate with it.

These symptoms might go away on their own, but one way to speed the process is to put extra emphasis on your attitudes throughout the day. Energy blockages are ultimately due to attitudes that are not quite right, and the practice of right attitudes—such as compassion, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, expansiveness, joy—will help dissolve those obstructions to energy flow. Right attitude is, in the final analysis, the most important and most powerful yoga technique of all—and it’s available even when we have challenges in our meditation practice. Isn’t that wonderful? There is always something we can do to move forward spiritually.

Blessings on your practice,