Unusual Experiences When Thinking of Yogananda’s Eyes, and How to Breathe in Meditation


I have two questions. I read Yoganandas autobiography and have had some unusual experiences, especially when I have thought of his penetrating eyes. Have others reported this?

Some practitioners say don’t alter your breath when meditating, just follow it. Trying to alter it causes stress. Others say it is good to count breaths in and out, or deepen the breath.

What is your opinion as I’m a little confused.

Many thanks

—Peter, UK


Dear Peter,

Ah, you’ve been captivated by the eyes of Paramhansa Yogananda! You certainly aren’t alone! There are many accounts of his transforming touch through numerous means of awakening souls to their own Divine potential. His eyes may be considered windows to God. He said the only one who occupied his body was God as he had killed Yogananda long ago.

Regarding the breath when meditating, Yogananda suggested using the Hong-Sau Technique which is a technique of watching the breath as it flows in and out naturally on it’s own. In addition, there are measured breathing techniques to prepare for meditation and all these and more can be learned in the Ananda Course in Meditation.

May you feel Yogananda blessing you deeply in your meditation practice,