Watching the Breath with the Hong Sau Technique


I have done a basic course of Ananda in Mumbai last year, but I have not yet learned to observe the breath as in the Hong Sau technique. I want to learn to observe the breath. I am very eager to learn it and I have also purchased the CDs for that. Please give me some practical steps or methods to watch the breath.

—sanjay mehta, india


Dear Sanjay,

Congratulations on taking your first steps towards meditating deeply. As the Hong Sau CD mentions, once you prepare for meditation after sitting upright with palms up at the junction of the thighs and abdomen, tense and relax the body with the double breath three times. With the last exhalation of tensing and relaxing, simply allow your gaze to turn towards the point between the eyebrows and observe the inhalation and exhalation at that point. You needn’t try to control it or change it. Simply watch it and use the mantra as directed. As the breath begins to slow of it’s own accord, become absorbed in the peace between the inhalation and exhalation at the point between the eyebrows. Continue this practice with full concentration on the breath at the point between the eyebrows and relax into the peace between the inhalation and exhalation. This technique is very helpful for concentration, interiorization of consciousness, and absorption into the kutastha chaitanya or spiritual eye.

May you feel deep Divine peace and calmness as you practice this technique,