Ways to Feel Devotion in Meditation



I find it hard to feel devotion. I want to feel it but I do not feel it. I meditate daily for 30 min in morning. Please guide me.



—Akshay, India


Dear Akshay,

In Swami Kriyananda’s book, Affirmations for Self-Healing, he shares:

In the quest for God, the unfolding of the heart’s natural love, in the form of deep devotion, is the prime requisite for success. Without devotion, not a single step can be taken towards Him. Devotion is no sentiment: It is the deep longing to commune with, and know, the only Reality there is.

Here are three ways to enhance devotion in your meditation practice. The first one is chant to God. Learn Yogananda’s Cosmic Chants and sing them with the deepest devotion your heart can muster not only at the beginning of your meditation practice but as much as possible throughout the day in the background of your heart and mind. Listen to the chants and merge with their consciousness as often as possible.

The second one is to ask Divine Mother to teach you to love Her more perfectly and enjoy a constant love affair with Her. Then focus on that love with all your heart and mind whenever you can.

The third one is to do everything with Divine Mother. Brush your teeth with Her, walk and talk with Her, shop and cook with Her and serve others with Her. Feel Her presence guiding you in every detail of your life and offer your gratitude to Her in each moment.

May your heart’s love expand into endless devotion for our Cosmic Beloved!