Why Are Humans Selfish Hypocrites?


Why are humans selfish hypocrites ?

Why did God make us to be a bunch of Selfish hypocrits

—Deschanel, Europe


I am not aware that humans are selfish hypocrites, or that God made us this way, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to give you an answer you would relate to.

Individual lives reflect the way in which each person has chosen to live. It’s important to remember that for all of us, the motivating factor in how we live is that we are constantly trying to avoid pain and to find happiness.

What is astounding is how many lifetimes we spend looking in all the wrong places for happiness!

The moment of truth, and the turning point for each individual, comes when they realize this, and realize also that it has always been their choice as to how they live their life. God made us in his image as children of his light and consciousness, so we have that going for us. If we choose to live in attunement with that light, we go toward the happiness that our soul (that reflection of God within us) is constantly seeking.

If we go away from that light, we live in more darkness and self-imposed pain.

The other aspect of your question is that we tend to see reflected in others what we are in ourselves. This again is challenging to each of us and needs to be worked on individually. The encouraging thing to remember is that we have the choice each day, through our God-given will power, to attune to higher consciousness.

The more we make that our choice, the more we find happiness coming our way and our view of life changing.

We do not live alone in this world, but in a sea of consciousness and energy. Attunement to that higher superconscious will bring the happiness and joy we have been seeking for – literally – millions of lifetimes.