My question is big but it has troubled me my whole life. If we are part of the Divine, a wave on the ocean of the Divine, why have create an earth plane such as ours? Why would the Divine set up a system of forgetfulness and then require that we struggle so deeply just to tap into that which we already are? Deej

—Donna (, US


Dear Donna,

Almost everyone who thinks deeply about life has asked this question, and that can begin at an early age, as it did in your case.

Through the ages, great masters have offered answers to your question. Often it comes down to the fact that the answer to such a cosmic question will not fit in the limited human brain; it can be experienced only in the superconscious state.

However, Swami Kriyananda gave a couple of pieces of advice on this topic that do fit in the human brain:

  • No saint who has attained union with God has ever said, “Forget it. It’s a scam.” Rather, they say with conviction born of experience: “It’s all worth it.”
  • Ask useful questions. The fact is, you’re here in the middle of it. Rather than asking “Why?”, focus on what can you do about it.

Just keep on moving forward on your path, Donna. That’s all we can do, and all we need to do. God’s grace will do the rest.