Hello,thanks for spiritual questions and answers,i benefited a lot.

During initial periods meditation, many times i started yawning or do not feel doing meditation anymore,this is esp. when i want to take my consciousness up say towards GOD.

I have hypersensitive nature and it affects me in my daily life also.

please suggest any precautions for the same in meditation and any suggestions to overcome my hypersensitive nature also in general





In meditation, we are trying to direct our energy and consciousness upwards to the spiritual eye. Working against this flow is the energy drawn downwards in the body and consciousness. There is a constant battle in this. When the energy moves down, our consciousness moves toward the subconscious. We might feel sleepy, yawn, or even fall asleep. Be aware of where your attention is, even with closed eyes. Try to keep it flowing upwards. If you notice that the gaze of the eyes has dropped, bring it again up, looking with closed eyes as if to the mountain tops.

Yawning during meditation can also be caused by not getting enough breath. Check your posture to make sure that you are sitting with a straight spine, your chest expanded, shoulders back. You should be breathing diaphragmatically so that you are getting a full breath. If the breathing is impaired, you will yawn.

Try to view your hypersensitive nature in a positive light and be grateful for it. Give it to God. After all, He has given it to you. Try to use it to develop an inner capacity to be sensitive. This is very helpful in meditation as we are trying to hear the inner sounds, the voice of God, and feel for His energy. When you feel that this hypersensitivity is controlling you, that you are being negatively influenced by it, call to God and ask for His help. Meditation in general will calm and harmonize this sensitivity, still the reactive process, and utilize it for higher perception. You will discover that you have an innate asset.

In daily life, try to be aware of energy centered in the spine. Feel your consciousness there. Train yourself to feel your center there and at the spiritual eye before “reacting to life.” Train yourself to act from an awareness of inner calmness. Yogananda reminds us that we are stronger than our shortcomings. In other words, that the power of Spirit within us can over-ride limitation. I wish you well.

Joy to you,

nayaswami maria

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