9-day Cleanse


Hello :)

For the 9 day rejuvenation diet, 5 oranges are to be eaten daily. I know that it says to be eaten throughout the day but can I use all (5 oranges) or some of the oranges for juicing for the orange juice with the senna leaves taken before going to bed? So I would be eating all the 5 oranges but it would be in juice form for the before bed drink.

Or Should I stick to eating the 5 oranges? Or should eat 5 oranges AND juice more oranges to make the before bed drink with the senna leaves?

—Jasmine Saeeda, UK


Dear Jasmine,

Ideally, it is best to eat all 5 oranges, rather than juicing one or more of those 5 — in order to get the fiber from the whole orange. I suggest that you add another orange to juice before bed. It’s not too critical, because there’s so much variation in the size of oranges, that this variation is not likely to be a problem. I encourage you to eat at least 5 whole oranges.

Enjoy the cleanse!

Nayaswami Diksha