A Blessing from the Guru



I had a dream where Paramhansa Yogananda blessed me in my head and am able see a vibration in my body. He touched me again, I feel the same.

I am very new to yoga and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Please clarify me the meaning.


Dhivakar S

—Dhivakar S, Canada


An experience such as this should be treasured as a divine blessing. Its meaning and interpretation may be less important than the power of the blessing itself.

If you had recently made some spiritual commitment (for example, began the practice of meditation; or, overcome a harmful habit; felt inspiration or devotion to God or guru), then this might be a confirmation and blessing upon the step you have taken.

If not, it might easily be a “wake-up” call to embark upon the spiritual path, or, to deepen your commitment to spiritual growth.

Generally, if there’s a specific meaning to the experience it is revealed in the experience. But just as often, perhaps more often, it is a sign of divine blessings without specific instruction or guidance.

If you still feel the need for understanding its potential meaning, then I suggest praying for guidance in that matter.

But most of all, I suggest you treasure the experience with gratitude and ask for guidance in how to live more for God, to feel greater love for God, and to live with high ideals and selfless service.

Nayaswami Hriman