A Dream of a Ghost/Spirit


I have a question and only because I believe in the spiritual and my husband does not, I found it strange. He said he had a dream (we were in Mexico) that a ghost/spirit had come and grabbed my arm and put its mark on me. I found that a little unsettling. Is there some sort of significance or am I being way too imaginative?

—Patricia, Canada


Dear Patricia, Generally speaking, we experience two types of dreams. One is a sort of simple subconscious meandering, which doesn’t mean that much; these dreams are more for entertainment than anything else.

The other type of dream is more superconscious or significant in its nature and can have messages for us, to which we should pay attention. It is difficult to say which type of dream your husband had—it was, after all, his dream and only he can truly determine its significance—and he may or may not want to do that.

In any case, Paramhansa Yogananda tells us that we should never become disturbed by ghosts or spirits. They are simply souls who are lost or confused. The best thing to do is to mentally send them the message that, although you feel compassion for their plight, still it would be best for them to go on into a higher level of the astral world (life after death) and not cling to or bother people in this material world.

As for the “mark,” it’s probably best not to feel unsettled about it. Yogananda tells us that nothing can harm us if we stay immersed in God’s light and love.