A Golden Orb Seen During Meditation


Dear All,

On two occasions during my life I have experienced the presence of a golden orb during meditation. It was an vivid and intense feeling of safety and joy. I would have stayed there had I been able to.

I spoke to a Buddhist monk about it recently and he said it was a grace which I shouldn't try to understand but just welcome into my life. I re-live the experience daily in my mind. Has anyone else any knowledge or experience of this? Many thanks.

—Owen, UK


Dear Owen,

What you are describing is most probably a part of what we see when the Spiritual Eye begins to appear to us at the point between the eyebrows. This also a manifestation of the 6th Chakra.

The spiritual eye is a reflection of the cosmic energy entering the body and sustaining it.  Its portal of entry is in the medulla oblongata at the base of the brain. Every dedicated meditator eventually sees the spiritual eye, but until the time comes when we experience it perfectly, it can be seen in many different ways.  When this Inner Light is seen, it certainly does produce a great sense of safety and ever-new joy – you are right about that!

When the light is experienced in its full expression, it looks like a single eye. There is a halo of golden light (you describe it as a “golden orb”) within which is a deep blue/violet tunnel. At the center of the “tunnel” is a tiny, silvery-white 5-pointed star.

It is often difficult to hold on to it, as you discovered, because of the restlessness of our minds. As we go deeper and deeper in our meditation practices it becomes easier to sustain and for us to actually merge into that Light.

In the meantime, enjoy the gift which was given to you from God and keep up the good work!