A simple meditation technique



1.How do we raise up the energy from the lower level of the body to the brain when we are in meditation?

2.Is it a good idea to chant any manthras or focus the thoughts on "Bhagvan Krishna" during the early stages of meditation ?

Please help me to understand. I am not really familiar with any of the meditation techniques. I am just a beginner.

Thank you so much.

—Sapna, USA


Dear Sapna,

Thank you for your interest. I think the very best thing would be for you to go to the Meditation section of Ananda.org.

There, you can visit Learn to Meditate and learn a very powerful technique of meditation that Yogananda gave. It will answer your questions. There are other marvelous resources there as well, to help you explore meditation more deeply.

A mantra is included in our meditation technique, but it is not Bhagavan Krishna. There are countless techniques of meditating. We share with you the one Yogananda felt was the most helpful for taking a person into deep meditation.

Blessings on your practice,