Affirmation for Selecting a Life Companion


I fall in love with someone I tend to give all myself in loving that person.I have deep affection towards the her. I also prayed lot to God/Guru. Initially she was not in touch with me many years. After my prayer to God, she has came into touch with me, this time I proposed her about my feeling, she accepted my love proposal. But finally that end with dramatically and I suffer tremendously. What was reason for that. Is she is not right life partner for me? How to draw right life partner?

—Sheshivardhan, India


I’m sorry that you are suffering. It seems that she is not the right partner for you or you wouldn’t be experiencing this kind of pain. What I would recommend is that you practice the Affirmation for Selecting a Life Companion by Paramhansa Yogananda, I’ve included it below. Be patient with this process. Offer your love to God first and trust that what is yours will come to you.

Heavenly Father, bless me
that I choose my life companion
according to Thy law of perfect soul union.

This affirmation is best practiced just after meditation. Say it loudly a few times, then more softly, then whispering, then mentally, then subconsciously, and finally superconsciously. Work with this affirmation for at least six months, with deep faith. If you have established a real attunement with God through meditation and continuous affirmation of this prayer request, you will find a suitable companion; or, if you have been drawn toward one who is fundamentally inharmonious, the Divine Father will bring about circumstances that will prevent your making a wrong choice.

Paramhansa Yogananda