Age Difference in Relationships


There a girl that I like. I have confessed my feelings to her but there is just this one obstacle between me and her. I actually younger than her by one year and she minds it. How do I change this?

—shayne, singapore


Dear Shayne,

One year difference in age is not very much by adult-age standards. So perhaps you both are still quite young! Nonetheless, we who practice meditation and yoga and who speak of past lives find one year to be insignificant! Speak to her about friendship and that friends are always friends regardless of their differences, which in this case, are slight. At age 33, one year of life is only a 3% difference — almost insignificant!

Perhaps this attraction does not run deep if one year is a serious objection. Perhaps she is not for you!

God alone is our nearest and dearest Beloved through Eternity. All else is like foam upon the sea! True friendship sees the Divine and the Highest in one another, not the superficial.

Nayaswami Hriman