Aligning with truth and righteousness


Hi. Truthfulness is one of the main important concepts of spirituality. I am suffering how to deal with it. For example, if my colleague or friend is doing unlawful or illegal work and it came to my notice. I will try to correct him/her but if they still follow same path. What should I do?

1. Ignore it completely

2. Distance myself from those guys

3. Report it to concerned authorities

Please advise me.

—Dinesh, Ireland


Dear Dinesh,

This world is full of people with varying morals and ethics. It’s important to choose for ourselves whether we live by truth and right action or by deception and harmful actions. Depending on the choices we make, we are choosing to be an instrument for either truth or untruth in the world.

Your options of 1 though 3 are all possibilities regarding how to deal with someone you know who is breaking the law. Number one is probably not the best option as you are a witness of criminal activity and you should report it to the authorities.

Our highest dharma is to live by spiritual law. As we mature spiritually, the question of right and wrong action becomes evident in even the smallest detail. It’s important that you do whatever you decide is right in this situation with calmness and a clear intention of aligning with truth. Avoid any harmful emotions as you proceed.

I will end with it’s best to be in good company as much as possible and to avoid people who are not trustworthy in your circle of friends and associates.

May your inner compass aligning with truth guide you in your decisions.