Am I doing miracles?


Please interpret this experience of mine: Some days ago when I returned home at night, it was completely dark. I was unable to see anything, so I turned on the switch of light bulb nearby; but here is the interesting part. The light bulb was disconnected from it’s power source, and still the bulb lit without any power source. I verified this thrice but there was no power source. I was completely spooked. Am I kind of doing miracles? Please guide me.

—Buddha, India


Dear Buddha, I wouldn’t make too much of an experience like this, except that this may be God’s way of showing you that big and little miracles happen all the time in our lives, if we will be on the lookout for them. And no, it would not have been caused by you, rather by God’s infinite and omnipresent power.

The best thing for you to do now would be to pray for help and guidance. Ask if there is anything specifically for you to learn, know, or do about this experience. Then meditate to listen for the answer. If you do not perceive an immediate answer, give it all back into God’s loving hands and go on with your life.

Answers may come later, or not. In any case, your job is to live your life in joy and the constant remembrance everything that happens to us comes from God and is happening according to the divine plan.