Am I following the right path?



I understand that our life is to complete the balance of karmas.How to know that we are treading the right path? I mean each life definitely requires its own way of completing the balances, but how to realize the same?At the same time how to know that we are not treading the right path?

—Rajesh, India


Dear Rajesh,

Swami Kriyananda often says that to know if you are going in the right direction, feel your heart. It will tell you. If you feel nervous or anxious, look at what you are doing or going to do; and be courageous to make a change if that is necessary.

I take this to mean also that we need to become more devotional by chanting, talking to our guru in our minds and hearts, by being open to His love and direction for us. If we are more in our hearts and less in our minds, we can feel by intuition what is the right path for us. Instead of counting vrittis, count your prayer beads. Let God work with you on your questions by opening your heart to Him.

Joy to you, Seva