Am I just a body?


Who are we in this world? I feel as though sometimes am I just a body. What happens when I die? This is one of my greatest fears. I have so many questions about life, where I fit in, what is my spiritual life? Could you help with some of these questions?

—sonia, usa


Dear Sonia,

You have asked some very big questions which would take up too much space to answer in this format. Therefore, we will contact you directly via e-mail to set up a dialogue with you, with myself or another of our “Experts,” concerning what you have asked.

In the meantime, we’d strongly suggest that you obtain and read a book in our “Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda” series, called Karma and Reincarnation. I know it will easily answer most, if not all of these deep questions.

But to briefly answer one of your questions: NO! We are not this body, mind, or personality. In our essential nature, we are a soul, a living spirit, only contained by the body temporarily. We are eternal beings, ever-perfect and ever-free. Our primary job in life is to realize that. Perhaps we can help you learn how to do that.