Do angry statements come true?


Will saying something to others in anger come true?

—Utkarsh Sahai, India


Dear Utkarsh,

It is true that the words, which come out of our mouths can have great power to hurt others, for they are based in emotions which originate from the heart chakra. Anger energy can be very harmful to the person to whom it is directed, as well as to the person through whom it is coming. But no, it is not the case that anything said in anger comes true. Whether it comes true or not depends on the complicated karmic patterns, which are working themselves out among the people involved. However, to be safe, it is wise never to give in to anger, inwardly or outwardly. Anger is just an emotion (an “e-motion” or energy in motion). An emotion can be transmuted into beneficial energy, making it helpful to yourself and others, rather than harmful. Regular prayer and meditation will help us be able to do this, along with other tools for achieving emotional maturity, available to sincere spiritual seekers.