Are New Souls Incarnating in Our New Age?


ive heard that many souls coming here now are from a place where they have been experiencing a newer age, therefore poised to make the best of this yuga of energy mastery. i see it in my kids. they are adept at things i hadn't a clue about, and have an innate sense about current awareness and subtlties. so, have i known my kids before. or recently? seems theyre coming from such a different reality than i just came from. have they progressed more-were our planes ever close enough to meet

—sharon, usa



According to Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings, souls are attracted to incarnate into circumstances that will give them opportunities to grow as human beings and to expiate old karma. It would stand to reason then that the souls that are attracted to incarnate at this particular time would have some resonance with this current age.

According to the concept of the yugas we are in an advancing (or ascending) arc of human development so we would expect that the soul’s who arrive as our children would be attuned to a slightly higher or more advanced vibration than we were attracted to at our birth. I say slightly, because in relation to the 12,000 years of the ascending arc of the yugas, the 20 or 30 years separating generations is not that significant. But it would be a real difference and noticeable to one who is sensitive.

As to where these recently incarnated souls came from, there could be several answers. Again, according to the concept of the yugas, there was an equally high age in our past. Souls who incarnated then could be reincarnating again now to work on similar kinds of personal growth and karmic issues.

Yogananda also said there are many other planets in our universe on which we can incarnate. Those planets vibrate at different frequencies from low to high, which attracts souls who are in resonance with them. Or, since souls spend time in the astral worlds between incarnations, what you sense could just be your children’s recent experience of the finer more energetic astral world.

According to Yogananda, chances are that you do have some connection with your children. Your kids may be attuned to a slightly higher vibration, but at the same time you are very likely to have karmic ties. Yogananda said it was rare that a child was born to a parent with no prior relationships from previous incarnations.

Part of what you may be experiencing is simply the dizzying rate of change in our world! Kids have no resistance to the new. Quite the opposite. Those of us who are older, on the other hand, developed habits and expectations which make us somewhat resistant to the new and, given the pace of change, date us kind of quickly :).

Warm regards,
Joseph (Puru) Selbie