Are Our Lives Predestined?


Respected sir,In " Man's Eternal Quest " pg247 hs been mentioned that "The child will be taken away as soon as the Divine Spirit calls" does it mean Death is pre scheduled and Predestined....and the time between Birth and Death has been assigned to Us for the elevation of Spiritual Growth?..If Death is do we know that what time we do have to elevate ourself spiritually?1 human dies at the age 5 yrs and the other at 70?wht is the ideal age to die.Plz clear. Rgds- Aditya Bhargava

—Aditya Bhargava, India


Dear Friend,

The lives of all men are governed by the law of cause and effect, which is called “karma.” While the creation of this universe and its laws, including the law of karma, is not our individual doing, we are subject to its influence.

Thus, the time of one’s death is unquestionably linked with karma. If we lead a dissolute life and abuse our body we sow the seeds for premature death, if not in this life, than another.

The more one lives in tune with a higher consciousness, the less we are subjected to the law of karma, for a greater power begins to take charge of our lives. The karma to die young, for example, may be transmuted into a life threatening illness from which we recover. The power of grace making it possible for us to progress with greater dispatch towards soul freedom by having more years to work towards it.

In any case, the ordinary human does not see the subtle threads of karma which bind us to time, place, circumstance, environment, and other individuals.

Thus, the question of predestination is, for all practical purposes, academic. Best that we live our lives with the attitude of freedom, nonattachment, attention to dharma, and love for God and goodness.

Jesus Christ, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil (the challenges) thereof.” Live in the eternal Present, in the presence of God, in the mindfulness of the watchful state, and you have nothing to fear.

Death is but another change. It is not destructive to our soul.

Blessings, Nayaswami Hriman