Are There Avatars Among Us?


dear friends

is there any Avatars on earth to day ?i know Mahavatar Babaji is ever with us but is there others i know many say they are this and that ,but how can we know?Thank u

—jon, norway


Dear Jon,

I don’t know if there are any avatars on earth with us today. Souls of that great stature are not common. Usually they come with a special assignment from God, though that assignment, as the case with Babaji, may not involve them in day-to-day affairs with people.

We are fortunate to know about Babaji, Yogananda, and the others in our line of masters. Whether in the body, like Babaji, or having left the physical body, avatars are always available to us if we turn to them.

Yogananda said in Autobiography of a Yogi: Whoever utters with reverence the name of Babaji, attracts an instantaneous spiritual blessing.

May you continue to contemplate the avatars and draw their blessings to you.

In divine friendship,