Ask the Angels?


I pray often to Divine Mother and Guru, I just came across a book on Archangel Raphael. Is it advisable to ask the angels for help or shall all such requests be sent to Divine Mother or Guru. ( book suggested that sometimes we are out of attunement with God so we might not be able to hear God's answer, but that the angels can always attune to our vibration and steer us in the right direction towards God), and that God intended for the angels to help us. Any thoughts would be helpful.

—Janice, USA


Dear Janice,

You are correct that it is wisest to direct your prayers to Divine Mother (or however one prefers to address the Divine) or to your Guru(s).

This is not because the angels don’t exist. Certainly they do. The Great Ones tell us that they are frequently present in this world serving as messengers and offering help and upliftment in various ways.

But the power and blessing of any angel cannot compare with what is available through God or a God-realized Guru such as Paramhansa Yogananda.

It is true that there are many times, for most of us, that we are out of tune with Divine Mother or Guru. Or we are not fully in tune with the will of God for our lives. The remedy for these unhappy states is to re-attune ourselves as quickly as we notice that this is happening.

Remember that God is always with us, no matter how far away we might feel from that Presence.

A simple prayer such as: “Divine Mother (or Master), I feel far away from you. Come and be with me and bless me. Let me feel your presence now!” – a prayer like this will be certainly be answered – no intermediaries (like angels) are needed.