Astrology and Health


Is health dependent on astrological charts, yes or no? Kindly guide.

— A K Guha, India


Dear A K Guha,

Your health is dependent on your past karma, your present lifestyle, and the grace of God. Your astrological chart (if it is done in the Vedic way by a highly skilled and intuitive astrologer) can help you understand why certain periods of your life may cause you to become more susceptible to disease or injury.

You can help to alleviate the worst of the effects of these challenging periods by wearing specifically prescribed gemstones or an astrological bangle of gold, silver, and copper in the proper weights and purity, chanting specific mantras, practicing Kriya Yoga, having healing prayers done for you, and constantly praying for help and guidance from God and Gurus.

The best of all remedies is deep daily meditation and faith in the Great Ones that all will be well eventually, no matter what. We are in the loving hands of God at all times.

One other thing which might be of great help to you in understanding this subject is to read what Paramhansa Yogananda says about astrology and health in his Autobiography of a Yogi, especially in the chapter called “Outwitting the Stars.”