Is Babaji alive?


Hi I am 24 year old guy working for my Masters in computers. I am son of priest. My father didn’t teach any mantras, but I had strong spiritual inclinations and went to various ashram, finally settling on ana pana sati meditation. In meditation I started seeing lot, so consulted a healer who took me to a past life in which I was a black magic performer and brahmin. So these days in meditation I see some feet walking towards me. My healer tells me I am getting blessings from Babaji. Is he alive?

—vishwas, india


Dear Vishwas, I will answer your last question first. Yes, Babaji is very much alive! You can read all about him in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. I suggest you do that right away, especially if you feel you are receiving a special blessing from him.

Now to comment on the rest of your question. It is good that you have strong spiritual inclinations. We hope that you are able to “fan the flames” of those inclinations with deeper meditations and satsang with like-minded truth-seekers. I’m not familiar with ana pana sati meditation, but if it is working well for you, then give it your best. If you want to know more about the Kriya Yoga techniques of meditation given to the world by Babaji, please let us know.

If you were a performer of black magic in some past lifetime, that is not such a good thing. But remember that we have all done many bad things in past lifetimes — creating bad karma. It doesn’t matter that much, however, if we are making the right spiritual effort now — this will help clear up all the wrong things we have done and move us quickly to freedom and oneness with God.