Balancing Our Inner and Outer Lives


I want to be very spiritual, love God, meditate properly and attain the divine bliss and know the reality, that is God, but I also have to concentrate on my studies, for I'm about to be in grade 11, and have to have an ambition to be 'someone important', in my later life. How should I handle this situation?

—Kailash, Saudi Arabia



Finding the balance between our inner life and our outward life is always a challenge. There is no formula or schedule that is right for everyone. You must balance the two as creatively as you can. But do not fall into thinking that your outward pursuits are in conflict with your spiritual life, or that your spiritual life is in conflict with your outward pursuits. The opposite is true.

A foundation of meditation and inner communion with God is also the best foundation for success in any outer endeavor. A deep inner spiritual life develops concentration, equanimity, intuition and will — which are critical for outward success. An active career is energizing, stimulates creativity, and provides opportunities for service to others — all of which will help to deepen your spiritual life.

Live for God in your heart and embrace your goals and aspirations. Finding the balance is more about attitude than how you allocate your time. Making an inner life with God will bless everything you do.

Warm regards,
Joseph (Puru) Selbie