Become a Peaceful Warrior – Find Peace in Meditation


I am not able to always find peace in meditation.

—Sunitagupta, India


Dear One,

Welcome to the club. It is to say, don’t think you’re the only one not able to always find feelings of peace after every meditation. If there is one thing I have learned having meditated for more than forty years, and after talking with others, who have been meditating more years than I, there will be times when after meditation, there may be feelings of little or no peace after meditation. Sometimes these things happen. Just don’t give up meditating. The best is yet to come.

If you want peaceful meditations become peaceful. I saw a bumper sticker that said, no God no peace, know God know peace. In other word, what you do with your mind before you meditate could have a tremendous impact on your thoughts during meditation. Learn to love God with all your heart, all your mind and with all your strength. And you will know peace.

Create peace before you meditate. As often as possible, spend time with peaceful people. If possible create a space in your home just for meditating. Turn off the TV and complete, restless, raja-sic activities at least thirty minutes before meditation. Energize and do a few relaxing yoga postures before meditating. Practice deep relaxation, too. Reading Yogananda’s, “Whispers from Eternity” or other inspiring material can to be a tremendous aid for calming the monkey mind before meditation. Listening to soft, peaceful, melodic, music before during and after meditating can also bring on feelings of peace. Swami Kriyanada has written hundreds of peaceful pieces of music . When you feel peace in your meditation let go of the technique and dive deep into the feeling of peace. Take your time in getting up from your meditation. Cherish the peaceful feeing when it comes. And if possible stay away from spicy foods before meditating.

Saying a prayer and calling on a recognized spiritual master to guide your meditation is a powerful way to prepare the mind for meditation. I love staring at Master’s (Paramhansa Yogananda) eyes before I close my eyes to meditate. Doing so brings me peace. Throughout my meditation, I like asking Master to take keep taking me deeper and deeper into his ocean of peace.

Become a peaceful warrior. Fight for peace. Take out your sword of discrimination and slay the villains in your life that rob you of your peace. By the way, I teach a course called Peace for Warriors. Feel free to write me at this email address and I’ll be glad to share parts of the course with you.

Learn to control your mind or learn your mind will control you. Throughout the day pray for peace. Call on the “Prince of Peace” to bring you peace. And remind God that you are His child and His peace is your birth rite. Do this as a prayer command. And may God and the Masters shower you in deep peace.

Peace be with you and yours,



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