Being Alone


I do not know who to ask, but I am so lost in this world as never before. Today I have found myself in a big fear of getting old alone without my own family, and my own children. And I have asked God, will I have childer? ... For a moment I felt very shocked and stressed by feeling of giant fear of living alone, as I am getting older and later on it will be harder to have a children, while other friend of my age already have 2 or 3 children, why not me? I feel so desperately lost and usuless,...

—tanya, poland


Dear Tanya,

I can understand your thoughts as I, too, am single. What I have come to realize is that you are never alone. If you believe in God, you will see that He is always with you. Any fears you may have dissolve before this one Truth.

You should develop a strong spiritual life with meditation to realize that you are never alone. It would also be good to find a community of like-minded people to live with or near, so that you all can work and live together. In this way you are forgetting yourself and thinking and working on how to help others.

With an expanded consciousness from drawing on God and from helping other people, you will find that your energies are greatly increased and magnetic. Energy and magnetism are the key here. Look into the teachings we have and see if you want to learn more about a spiritual life.

Joy to you,