Being Dharmic in the Workplace


I work in a corporate firm, an IVF hospital chain as a counselor where my job includes retaining patients. I counsel them but also I am given certain targets to achieve. Is it negative karma to convince people to stay and take treatment if they are doubtful or are not interested? What should I do: leave my job or do as I'm told?

—Esha, India


Dear Esha,

I appreciate your question and concern for doing the right thing. It is unfortunate that such services have become big business and require employees to meet quotas in preference to truly serving people. When someone comes to you, or to me, asking for help and advice, they have the right to view things from their perspective. They are looking for information and guidance and we need to help them to find their answers – not ours – within themselves.

Have you tried praying about this? Let God know that you are grateful for your job, that you want to help people, and that you want to serve them dharmically and in response to their needs first. Ask God to help you. I have seen many people guided in response to their prayers through difficult and compromising circumstances. If we can pray sincerely to be channels for the highest dharma, God will take care of us. If it means leaving this job, then God will guide you to a better one that is more service-oriented. The choices we make are powerful determinants which generate a magnetism that guides us through the journey of life.

I wish you well and hope that you will soon receive inwardly a clear answer.

Joy to You,
Nayaswami Maria