Being Too Sensitive


I am so empath, I can feel pain of other, I used to work on spritual topic and help others, but gradually It is becoming too much Like I can’t survive with too much sensitivy. I can’t stop me feel pain of other but I can’t solve all problems due to that I’m suffering from depression. I’m in too much pain. please help me how to manage it’s all.

—Aditi, India


Dear Aditi:

A person who is an egotist will not feel the pain of others because that person lives inside the hard shell of egotism. If that person begins the spiritual path and becomes more aware, more sympathetic, and more open to the feelings of others than he or she will begin to feel the emotions of others. At first, those emotions may affect that person. But to make progress on the spiritual path requires that we live more at our own center: within our Self and focused on God. In this way we can feel the emotions of others but not be negatively affected by them. The more we see God in others and God as the Doer of all actions, the less we think about ourselves and our emotions.

It is not a solution to stop sympathizing with others. Instead, the solution is to live more in the Self and more in the consciousness of God, offering with devotion all feelings to God. The solution is to rise above the ego’s constant preoccupation with itself. Prayer and meditation will greatly help in learning to remain in the Self at all times even as you help others and feel their sorrows.

Learn to keep busy serving God through helping others; through doing your work (whether at home or at work or at school) and being calm and even-minded no matter what. “Be thou a Yogi,” says Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. Practice the presence of God by silent, inward chanting throughout the day and by having silent conversations with God or guru all the time.

We are not the little ego or the physical body. We are the Atma, the soul, the eternal Self, a child of God. And, so, of course are all other people. We are all searching for Happiness. We forget that it lies within ourselves: in the contemplation of God’s blissful presence.

With blessings of light,

Nayaswami Hriman