Bliss in Meditation and Prayer



Guruji said that we should ask for things we want when we feel bliss of meditation.

But when I reach that state, I forget what I wanted or feel so much satisfied with his love that I don’t want to ask for anything when I’ve him.

Is it possible to ask for our heart’s desire when starting meditation and then not even thinking about it. Will I be granted my wish then ?

—V, India


Dear V,

Yes, you are right about what Yogananda says about “praying for things.” And what you are describing is a fairly common experience for sincere meditators.

It’s ironic, but true, that when you attain the deeper stages of meditation, you may be in such divine bliss that you don’t want or need anything at all, except perhaps that this state of consciousness would be yours forever. Someday it will, for it is our truest state of being—the rest being a temporary delusion. In the essence of our being, we really do not want or need anything at all, because realize we already are everything.

What a wonderful thing to realize, even if, at first, we can hold on to it only for a short time. Such inner freedom is rare and to be cherished!

However, in his compassion and understanding of our usual state of being, wherein we have desires, needs, etc., Yogananda suggests that whenever we feel we need to have something come into our lives, the best way to pray for it is to state the prayer clearly at the beginning of your meditation. Perhaps even write it down on a slip of paper, put it aside, and don’t think of it again for a while. Then go on with your mediation.

During the quiet time at the end of your meditation, ask again for help and guidance or for whatever it is you are praying for or feel you need, but always with this qualification: “You know better than I do what is best for me to have, so may God’s will be done in my life, in this and all matters.”

If you find yourself to be so “blissed out” that you have forgotten what you wanted to ask for (how lovely!), simply get out the little piece of paper you wrote it down on and re-read it to remind yourself. Say your prayer again, and then give it all to God. It’s good to do this over and over at the close of each meditation, until you receive a clear answer or response in your heart.

Will your wish be granted then? Perhaps, but it is wisest let your greatest heart’s desire be for God-realization and freedom and let the rest of your needs be fulfilled for you (or not) in God’s good time. Jesus Christ said: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Good words to live by!