Bliss, suffering, and freedom


God created this world to share his bliss through many.

However as we lost the Christ consciousness and fell from the eternal bliss state so we suffer. Now God is pulling us back to him. Suppose everyone of us follow the path of Kriya Yoga and realizes God and unites with him, will God create this world again ( which may again become suffering ) ?

—KJ, India


Dear KJ,

One of Yogananda’s disciples asked him a very similar question: If we become free in God, and another Day of Bramha begins, do we get sent out into creation once again? Yogananda reassured him that once the soul has merged into God, it has reached the end of the whole purpose of its incarnations. It will not be sent out again, unless as an avatar, a free soul who comes to free others.

At that point of supreme freedom in God, we realize that suffering has no reality. It is part of the dream of God. Its only purpose is to take the soul to the point of realizing that suffering itself, and all of creation, is all part of the Light of God.

Blessings on your journey Home to Him!