Body Shaking During Meditation


I have been practicing Kriya yoga for a few years now and having problems with jerking and shaking of body parts during hong sau, especially the neck area. I have tried different sitting postures but to no avail. And there is a continuous pressure on the forehead during and after meditation.

Any ideas or suggestions on what I could do to ease these experiences. I have prayed to god and guru and am hoping they will answer through you. Thank you.

—Urvish Magdani, U.K


Dear Urvish,

It is difficult to know the causes of such experiences, especially over the internet.

However, it sounds to me as though you may be trying too hard, allowing tension to creep into your meditations. For example, a gentle pressure in the forehead can be the result of accumulated energy, which can be good. A distracting or uncomfortable pressure, however, is a sign of tension. Keep your forehead physically relaxed, and relax your eyes upward rather than forcing them upward.

Similarly, body parts can jerk and shake due to tension in the body. (That can also happen due to rising kundalini energy; that’s why I say it’s hard to know the cause.) Try always to practice Energization – with deep attention and full tension/relaxation – before you sit to meditate. Better still, follow Energization with some Ananda Yoga practice before you sit to meditate. And you’re doing Maha Mudra, right? It’s important energetically, but also physically. My guess is that these things will help you sit more calmly.

Blessings on your practice,