Broken promises, bad karma, and divine forgivness


Dear individual,

Here is my question, which is also a confession. I made a promise to the masters (I feel a special affinity to Mahavatar Babaji) to not commit a certain act. But I could not resist the temptation and went ahead with it. In order to ease my conscience before committing the act, I rationalised to myself that the masters are loving and thus would not mind. But I had a nagging feeling that I might be accruing bad karma through breaking the promise. Now I am miserable. Please advice

—Sudhakaran, UK


Well, despair not………for the Masters are none other than your, own higher Self. Perhaps the greatest harm is the weakening of your own will and inner strength caused by not living up to your own commitment. However, it is past. Pick yourself up, dust off the guilt and anxiety, and resolve to do better. Even if you give in, don’t give up. “A saint is sinner who never gave up” is how Yogananda put it.

Without denying the error and weakness, don’t identify yourself with it. Resolve to do better; ask for the grace to help strengthen your resolve. Consider perhaps a more realistic assessment of what you CAN do to improve yourself and commit to that, taking one step at a time.

Someone once asked the Master if he would forgive him some trespass, “What else can I do,” Master responded almost bemused… God IS love and wants nothing else but our own happiness. It is we who disappoint ourselves when we slip. But it is we who must get up again and keep walking.


Nayaswami Hriman