How Can I Cleanse Myself of Negative Energies?


Thank you for taking questions. It has been a really tough 6 months. I have had several near death experiences and am struggling to pull myself together. Can it be that negative energy culminates and that after experiencing something negative I have held to the bad energy and now it is attracted to me? If so, how do I cleanse myself? How do I end the chain of unfortunate events?

—Autumn, United States


Dear Autumn, Sorry to hear of your tough six months. Many astrologers say that this particular year (2016) is an unusually challenging time for everyone on this planet. Perhaps it may help a little to know that you are not alone in what’s happening.

You mention several near death experiences. If you mean that you nearly died, but recovered, then that is a great blessing, filled with God’s grace. You have been given the gift of being able to continue on in this lifetime, learning the lessons you have come here to learn at this time.

Certainly it is possible to hold on to negative attitudes or energy, and it indeed might attract more negative energy to you. But yes, it is also possible to cleanse yourself. Shift your attitude to the positive! Don’t let your mind feed you negative thoughts. If negative thoughts come unbidden, then have a positive affirmation ready to take their place.

And don’t try to do these things alone. Constantly pray, meditate, and ask for help from God and Gurus to change your energy patterns. They will help.

Watch the company you keep and be with positive people, preferably those who are spiritually inclined. Their strong, positive magnetism will help you very much!

If you live near an Ananda Center, go there to participate in a “Purification Ceremony.” If not, create your own. Write down the negative attitude you most want to let go of on a small piece of paper. Light a candle and set the small piece of paper on fire. Have a metal bowl to put it in to burn, for safety’s sake. Do this often, even every day until you feel ‘cleansed.’

Finally, you may want to contact the Ananda Healing Prayer Council at: and ask for prayers. This often helps immediately and immensely. Blessings to you!