How Can I Extend the Time In Which I See the Inner Light?


I practice regular meditation at my third eye. I am seeing a golden light there, every day. The light stays there for 15-20 minutes during my meditation. But it’s like I am not able to keep my eyes steady for long. Please help me! What should I do?

—Akshay, India


Dear Akshay,

I am most happy for you that you see the inner light every day. This is a major blessing, as often that light is somewhat capricious: sometimes appearing, then disappearing, sometimes not appearing at all. Feel yourself blessed.

How to make its duration longer? The only advice I can give you is by Swami Kriyananda: inwardly try to move toward the center of that light. Let the spiritual eye absorb you. Be as still as you can, as you devotionally move into it. Absorb yourself in that light. In time, with God’s help, your concentration and gaze will last longer.

You may try to repeatedly chant AUM at the spiritual eye and see if it has a good effect.

Never take that golden light for granted. Otherwise, it may one day decide to hide from your gaze.

All the best in your light-diving,